Sinisters "Memories of a Happy Hell" CD

Sinisters "Memories of a Happy Hell" CD

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Canadian Import 1998

This is the OPM version that includes bonus tracks, new original, some covers and updated crazy versions of some of the album tracks.  Toronto's most wild band of the '90s.

1 Sick N' Wired 
2 Taken Home 
3 LID 
4 Buddha 
5 Super-Stock Blowout 
6 Shame 
7 Down In The City
8 Crash
9 Bloody, Red & Raw 
10 Dizzy Pump Dungeon

The Spedding Sessions
11 Captn' Weirdo 
12 Shame 
13 One Foot In The Gutter
14 Down On The Street
15 Bloody, Red & Raw
16 Buddha
17 Sick N' Wired