Norcos Y Horchata single available now!

Get Some Here!

Norcos Y Horchata single with a Cinecyde cover! followed by a Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders single. Pat's 2nd in the Detroit covers series. The Sleeveens are right behind that with a cool single. Plenty of other cool stuff in the works also. Still have hot new singles from Jeremy Porter and the Tucos, Zero Boys and The BellRays to score! RICKY RAT LP and CD "GHOSTS OF ISOLATION" is available. I still have singles available in the Detroit cover series from RICKY RAT, BRIAN MCCARTY, PAT TODD and the RANKOUTSIDERS, THE RIGHT HERE, THE CANDY SNATCHERS, David Bierman Overdrive AND DANY LAJ AND THE LOOKS!! CRANFORD NIX LPs and CDs still available. TRASH BRATS LP is available (the CD version is sold out). OTHER FUN RELEASES IN THE WORKS ALSO! Everyone Needs Some Detroit in their Rock 'n' Roll!