"Drunk on Rock Volume One" Various Artists CD I-94-001 SOLD OUT

"Drunk on Rock Volume One" Various Artists CD I-94-001 SOLD OUT

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1998 release that started the I-94 label.  The best high energy rock and punk out at the time.  Lots of great tracks here.  Complete with a puzzle as a cover.  Find the band references within the picture.   The answers are located on the tray card on the jewel case inside.  Many tracks or versions unavailable elsewhere.

1 The Hookers - Hell Bent & Glory Bound
2 The Reclusives - Let Go Of My Leg
3 Murder City Wrecks - Buried Alive
4 Screaming Bloody Marys - Ill Repute (New Version)
5 Jeff Dahl & The Kevin K Band - Born To Lose (Live)
6 The Dragons - Campus Ave. (S.T.C.)
7 Johnny Wreckless - My Mind Keeps Running Away
8 Dead Flower Bloom - Shades Of Grey
9 The Trash Brats - Who Put The Words In Your Mouth
10 The Ca$h Registers - I Don't Wanna Be One
11 The Candy Snatchers -Do You Wanna Know?
12 Puke-A-Rama - Psychos + Drunks
13 The Short Fuses - Motorcycle Pill
14 The Chinese Millionaires - International Woman (New Version)
15 The Bulemics - Only Down For Myself
16 The Sinisters - Murder Style
17 Rocket 455 - Cock In My Pocket
18 Electric Frankenstein - I Want More
19 Asteroid B-612 - Gasoline
20 The Lovemasters - Blow Me To Death
21 The B-Movie Rats - Dirty Dog
22 The Weaklings - Grow Up Gurl
23 Nashville Pussy - Sock It To Me Baby
24 Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters - Pretty Messed Up (Motor City Mix)
25 The Morning Shakes - Highway Robbery (Live)
26 Alan Valentine & The Drugstore Cowboys -  My Mistake