B-Movie Rats "I-94 LIVE" CD I-94-005

B-Movie Rats "I-94 LIVE" CD I-94-005

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Released in the year 2000. Live set from Los Angeles' B-Movie Rats.  Brad said they sound like David Lee Roth fronting the New Bomb Turks. Recorded at the legendary Gold Dollar in Detroit on October 17, 1999. The first 100 copies came as a double disc set (the second a CD-R) with another live show of the Rats at the Old Miami in Detroit on May 28, 1998.  These are raw soundboard shows with NO overdubs!

The standard edition:  (italicized titles are between song banter)

  1.  for Larry/Hallows Eve (Take the Time)
  2.  fuck the South
  3.  Saturday Night Bloodbath
  4.  ain't been nowhere
  5.  1000 Miles from Home
  6.  new shit
  7.  Make You Bleed
  8.  romantic interlude in the Cass Corridor
  9.  Dirty Dog
  10.  Killer Woman
  11.  local devil music
  12.  Teenage Lust
  13.  ethnic backgrounds
  14.  Breakdown
  15.  Ultrasonic
  16.   I love Detroit
  17.   Borstal Boys
  18.   the end?
  19.   Radio Suicide
  20.   the virtues of RJ Dio/bad mike/tribute to Al's Bar/Neil to the rescue
  21.   Flamethrower Love
  22.   On the Rocks
  23.   Communication Breakdown
  24.   where's the party?

 bonus disc:

  1.   introduction
  2.   The Invisible Man
  3.    for the ladies
  4.    Ultrasonic
  5.    Killer Woman
  6.    for your Mom
  7.    Dirty Dog
  8.    more vocals in the house
  9.    Space Age Boy
  10.     request for bass amp
  11.     Teenage Queen (aborted)
  12.     change the bass amp
  13.     Teenage Queen
  14.     is bass loud enough?
  15.     What I Need
  16.     contest winner
  17.     On Fire
  18.     for Trash Brats
  19.     American Nights  
  20.     for Dale
  21.     Hell on Wheels