Ricky Rat "Ghosts of Isolation" CD I-94-018

Ricky Rat "Ghosts of Isolation" CD I-94-018

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The CD version of the "Ghosts of Isolation" release!

Guitarist from Detroit Glam Punks The Trash Brats delivers his second full length solo LP of catchy melodic tunes.

1. Ghosts of Isolation

2. Lakepointe Nights

3. Bottom of My Heart 

4. Laughing Stock

5. Glow of Gabriel's

6. I Can't See Shit

7.  Dream That Can Never Be

8. Sitting in Limbo

9. When We Were the Boys

10. Singing With the Angels


Ricky Rat: vocals, guitar
Joe Leone: drums, backing vocals
Laura Mendoza: bass, backing vocals

plus guests:
Jimmie Bones: organ
Chloe F. Orwell: saxophone, backing vocals
Brad Elvis: percussion, backing vocals
Jackson Smith: rhythm and lead guitar on "Bottom of My Heart"


Lyrics included!