Cranford Nix "Drinkin' With Some Angels"  vinyl LP  I-94-010

Cranford Nix "Drinkin' With Some Angels" vinyl LP I-94-010

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The one and only Cranford Nix with a soundboard recording of an acoustic performance from the Hamtramck Pub (Detroit area) in the summer of 1990. As Ricky Rat states from the audience on the recording, "let's hear it for Cranford fuckin' Nix, man, is he the next Bob Dylan meets Lenny Bruce or fuckin' what?" 

This recording went straight from the soundboard to Cranford's hands to a friend's (Brian T) hands and then sat in a shoebox for 30 years.  Recently "unboxed" and pressed onto vinyl. These versions have not made the rounds or have been heard by the general populace.   His personality really shines through on these tracks and his ever growing following will not be disappointed. 


1. Fading Fast 

2. Got No Time To Lose

3. Spiders and Snakes

4. I Just Need a Pill

5. You're Gonna End Up Dead

6. Hit The Road


1. Sorry 'Bout My Drinking

2. Dead Flowers

3. Motherfuckin' Blues

4. Shit I Forgot to Say

5. Sympathy for the Devil


Wax Mage art vinyl comes with bonus insert with animated version of cover and bonus pics not available with the other versions