Cranford Nix "Drinkin' With Some Angels" CD version I-94-012

Cranford Nix "Drinkin' With Some Angels" CD version I-94-012

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The CD version of the "Drinkin' With Some Angels" record.  Live at the Hamtramck Pub in 1990.  A rowdy, loose, raucous affair. 

1. Fading Fast

2. Got No Time To Lose

3. Spiders and Snakes

4. I Just Need a Pill

5. You're Gonna End Up Dead

6. Hit the Road

7. Sorry 'Bout My Drinking

8. Dead Flowers

9. Motherfuckin' Blues

10. Shit I Forgot to Say

11. Sympathy for the Devil


Includes some of the pics from the LP release and all three of the friends essays on Cranford.  For you extra geeky collector types, the recording itself includes a couple seconds more of Cranford talking at the beginning before he starts playing.  Really nothing of consequence.  Stuff that was trimmed off for the LP start a bit smoother. Honestly, it was an oversight that it was included on this CD version, but kind of fun that it has a little difference.