Raped "The Complete Raped Punk Collection" CD

Raped "The Complete Raped Punk Collection" CD

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UK import 1994 release

Truly tasteless they may have been, but before reinventing themselves as dodgy glam rockers Cuddly Toys, Raped released two entertainingly dumb singles, taking the outrage and horror tactic as far as it would go. The band wore androgynous clothing, singer Sean Purcell claimed to be related to Aleister Crowley, and they all gained a certain amount of tabloid coverage by playing songs like 'Foreplay Foreground' in front of an audience of schoolchildren. Their transvestite drummer later changed sex. Like Eater and The Drones, they were the kind of superb punk band the scribes hated, but as with those bands they were far from untalented and had a knack for writing infectiously catchy and memorable tunes.

According to Alan Hauser: "Raped formed in early 1977, a musical; quasi-gay punk antidote to the macho posturing of some punk protagonists. Singer SEAN PURCELL was one day a wired baby Iggy Pop mutilating his torso, another day a prettier, fey version of Billy Idol; guitarist FAEBHEAN KWEST a manic in-your-face gay Liverpudlian Hendrix freak (immortalised in John Savage's book for being rejected by the Sex Pistols); drummer PADDY FIELDS a Japanese with dyed pink purple and blonde hair in high heels, tights and hot pants; and bassist TONY BAGGETT the token ordinary member of the group. For their very first interview, with 'Ripped & Torn' fanzine, they took the very young editor Tony D who'd just moved to London with his nice new punk leather-studded jacket, to where they wanted to conduct the interview. It was The Colherne, the internationally famous sadomasochistic gay, pre-Aids pickup bar in Earls Court. All the clientele, muscle-bound, leather-clad bike-boys with handlebar moustaches, circled round the ensemble like vultures, while Faebhean and Sean just giggled into their pints, Paddy as always oblivious to the stares".

1 Moving Target 
2 Raped 
3 Escalator Hater 
4 Normal 
5 B.I.C. 
6 E.C.T. 
7 Foreplay Playground (Demo) 
8 Cheap Night Out (Demo) 
9 Babysitting (Demo) 
10 Shit (Demo) 
11 Cheap Night Out 
12 Foreplay Playground 
13 L-O-N-D-O-N (Live)
14 Raped (Live) 
15 Slits (Live) 
16 Cheap Trash (Live) 
17 Normal (Live)
18 Moving Target (Live) 
19 Knock On Wood (Live)